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In today’s changing orthodontic market, recruiting and placement of orthodontists can be very challenging. It takes more than a job posting to find and identify the right candidate for your practice in today’s candidate-driven market. At Bentson Copple & Associates, the orthodontic industry leader in placements, we offer our clients valuable resources and expertise when seeking associates, equity-minded associates and permanent placements with transition of ownership.


Our mission is to create an engaging process with clients as we help them identify the ideal candidate for their practice opportunity, both in philosophy and in practice culture. We take the time to personally evaluate each candidate and identify his/her goals to help him/her find the right long-term fit. We strive to make matches between practice providers and candidates that enhance both their professional and personal lives.


Why choose Bentson Copple & Associates? What makes us stand out from other recruitment firms?


  • We work exclusively with Orthodontists! You are a specialist and we are too!
  • Our recruiters are Certified Placement Specialists.
  • Proactive Recruitment Process with Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Proven, Innovative, Consultative Recruitment Approach
  • Commitment to Exceptional Client Communication
  • Superior Client Engagement Services
  • Dedication to educating the Orthodontic Industry with accurate and up-to-date data from current Residency Programs


Bentson Copple & Associates leads the orthodontic search industry in all significant categories including these: associate placements, equity-minded associate placements leading to associate placements, equity-minded associate placements leading to partnership, and the number of permanent placements with the transition of ownership.


How do we work?  

As we continue to see dental service organizations grow throughout the United States we will also see competition among practices to attract the best candidates. We understand the importance of marketing and implementing the best strategies to portray your practice’s best features to attract candidates. What will make a candidate want to join your practice rather than the practice down the street, or even the practice in another state. Once we understand your practice philosophy and community values, we will know how to promote and market your opportunity to the right candidates who will love where they work and live to ensure a long-term fit.


Part of our process is to schedule a site visit and meet with our clients face-to-face. Our recruitment team visits each opportunity while representing clients to ensure a strong level of trust as we share the opportunity with candidates. During our visit, we will learn about the practice culture, patient trends, environment of the practice, and most importantly, a community tour to understand the area and what it has to offer candidates for a strong work-life balance.


We maintain a continuity of communication with candidates via emails, texts, and phone calls to keep them informed throughout the process. We also communicate closely with clients to provide insight about the candidate’s level of interest in the opportunity.


Step One

We will design and create a custom recruitment process strategy for each client. We will cultivate a listing description to showcase the opportunity for marketing purposes. And we will also schedule a site visit with you to understand your practice culture and the community.


Step Two

We will source candidates nationwide with a pro-active approach by reaching out to all orthodontic residency programs, professional referrals, associations, national, regional, and resident meetings, webinars, LinkedIn, social media outlets, seeker data bases, and monitor all website activity. We will market the opportunity on our website as well as social media sites, monthly email blasts to programs, and emails to registered seekers. We will follow up in a timely manner with each and every inquiry.


Step Three

Candidate Screenings & Interviews: We will conduct candidate phone interviews and provide clients an assessment to help identify if a potential candidate is a good fit for their practice opportunity.


Step Four

Candidate Presentation: Once we have identified candidates, we will submit their CV and “about me” letters for your review as well as exchange information about the candidate in an assessment format.


Step Five

Introductions: Once you have selected a candidate whom you want to move forward with, we make an introduction to set up an initial call so the two of you can discuss the opportunity in more detail and get to know one another. We will follow up with you and the candidate after the introduction and keep each party informed of the other’s interest level.


Step Six

Site Visits: We will help you arrange a candidate site visit to your practice and provide a customized itinerary for each candidate to provide to them before their visit to the practice. This is an integral part of the process.


Step Seven

Once you have identified the right candidate and make an offer, we will work closely with you during the negotiation and offer phase. However, we are not a law firm, so you will need to hire legal counsel for the employment agreements and/or legal documents during practice transitions.  


Bentson Copple & Associates, LLC is not a law firm and cannot provide legal services or legal advice to clients. However, Bentson Copple & Associates can work with your local attorney or refer you to an attorney who is experienced in practice transitions.

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